Innovative Hightech

A passion for innovative eyewear, the systematic commitment of specialists, over 20 years’ experience in design and production and worldwide just-in-time logistics – these constitute the backbone of our unique frame system.

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Low-strain joining technology

There is only minimal strain on the connection between lens and frame.

Adaptive lens-shape

The SF loop frame automatically adapts to each lens-shape.

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Thermoplastic modeling

When heated even slightly the temple can be perfect fitted at any point.


Each frame element is processed with an accuracy of exactly 1/100mm and then checked manually – an innovative high-tech product.

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Sensitive to body temperature

The endpieces adapt to the shape of the wearer’s head.

Anti-slip material

The endpieces do not slip on the skin.

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Variation of systems, sizes and ergonomic adaptability

The ideal solution for each physiognomy.

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Color / Surface

Various surfaces

matt, polished, frosty and décor.


Color is integrated in the material instead of being applied on the surface.

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Our own formula

Ideal balance between stability and flexibility.

Medical properties

Completely hypoallergenic medical engineering material.

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